Friday, 1 February 2008

Out and about

My book’s been out nearly a couple of months now, as I’ve already said, it isn’t any Harry Potter in the sales league, but people are buying it and I’m grateful to them for doing so. In the area local to where live I have been walking around with a black bag containing the books; the reason for doing so started because some people asked if they could buy one off me if they saw me around the local pubs and cake shops that I frequent. I have become a common sight, walking around with my bag, so much so it roused one beery wag to shout out when seeing me, “’Ere, that Chinese bloke’s put on a lot of weight.” A reference to one of the DVD salesmen that visit pubs
As well as walking around pubs I have been out and about lately and have met people coming from the world of punk music, something I haven’t done for years and rarely did when I played in The Lurkers all those years ago. I went to The Shepherds Bush Empire for The Ruts evening last Friday, whilst there I met Henry Rollins and he gave a ticket to see him the following night at The Apollo in Hammersmith; he’s an old Lurker’s fan and seems to be a pleasant chap. I spoke to Seggs, the base player from The Ruts and others, giving them my view of things – I bet they’re glad that I haven’t been around for years!
Anyway, Barnet, he who promotes at The 12 Bar Club, is putting me on there to read from my book; it’s on the 23rd of February, and I’m down to read at Filthy McNasty’s in Islington some time in March.
I write every day and hopefully have a book, Malayan Swing, being published by London Books around June time this year; but as well as that I have written a travelogue type of thing called An Unlikely Fooligan, which is about my wandering in Japan in 2002 and 2003 and Martin King who published my book is interested in having a look at it.
So, I’ll sign off now, and best wishes to all for the remainder of the year.