Monday, 26 November 2007

The Book: God's Lonely Men

My book, God’s Lonely Men has come out - finally. What a palaver!
Anyway, it can be ordered from almost anywhere and bought off the internet, i.e., Tesco Books online and Amazon etc; in the next week Paul Kelly who does my website will be putting something up on it about buying the book direct from Paul and me. I’ve got to say I feel embarrassed, if it was fiction I wouldn’t feel that it was so personal, but the people that I’ve spoken to about it have told me not to worry. I’d like to thank the people involved who helped put it together and the people who have contacted me about the book who have been very supportive; just to let you know that I appreciate it.
Hope the people who buy the book like it; it’s not Harry Potter so there won’t be mid-night queues of young people outside book shops wanting to be first in getting their hands on it, but all the same I hope it means something to the people who read it. Best, Pete