Thursday, 11 June 2009

Book launch for my novel Malayn Swing

Wednesday 24th June 2009 at 6.30 pm
Edgar Wallace Public House, 40 Essex Street
London, WC2R 3JE
(Nearest tube - Temple)


robin said...

Sorry to hear about your old man, Pete - I'd have liked to have met him.

The young lad remembers typing out Malayan Swing - good luck with it!

All the best

Pete Haynes said...

thanks for that Rob, think about him everyday - sticking in there with my writing - hope all is well with you - how is the philosophy world going?

robin said...

Not too bad, thanks, Pete. The young lad gets out of hand now and again, but a quick clip round the ear is usually enough to settle him down...

Pete Haynes said...

That's why the Good Lord gave us the back and front of the hand, and the free will to use it as appropriate - I am available for post-feminist meeetings.

robin said...

As a 'rock & roll' drummer yourself, Pete, I thought you'd be interested in..."This is Rock & Roll"

Hang up your sticks - this is the future of rock & roll

Pete Haynes said...

Video isn't available Rob - my e mail is

hope all is well

protexblue said...

Pete interested to note that you are now a writer - I'll look out for your stuff. Your comments about stuff that your Dad taught you I know to be true. I remember in Jan 1978 I was stood outside The Marquee club, the only person in the queue, as a naive 16 year old, waiting to gain entrance to see Bethnal. To my excitement I saw The Lurkers were the support band (I was v keen on the 45's). You walked out, got me in for nothing, allowed me to watch soundcheck, I think you even got me a drink! What a gent - 32 years on I still appreciate it!! Saw you a few times after even with Gary Numan/Tubeway Army as support I think, maybe at Rochester Castle SN.

I met P Stride in Ickenham a few years later - when I told him that Stiff Little Finders's debut London gig was bottom of the bill to you lot at London Lyceum (remember gig with Ivor Biggun?) he didn't believe me!! But I don't argue with my heroes!

Anyway all the best - it is with intense nostalgia that I remember the football and music from that era.

Cat Haynes said...

Hey Pete,
Just read a bit of your blog, must look up your novels, you sound like you have a good sense of humor. We share the same last name, Haynes. My brother is Peter Haynes, named after my uncle. My dad was John Haynes (rest his soul). I loved reading about the Marquee, god it brought back memories. I have a blog site, with all the usual http:// infront. I to am a part time writer and I too will be able to afford not a pushbike pump but the wee bit that goes on the end of it in about 30 years. Oh well, writing to me is very therapeutic. Good luck with your writing and continued success, maybe we are related somehow?
Later, Catarina Haynes

Cat Haynes said...

Hello there,
Just tried to send you a comment don't know if it went through or not, if it did, I apologize for the double writing. Just read your bits and thought they were quite funny. Loved to read about the Marquee, brought back such fond memories... the good old days. We share the same last name, are we related? My brother is Peter Haynes, my dad was John Haynes (rest his soul) he was born in London in the '30's. I too write on a blog, you can check me out at
Take care and good luck with the writing. Loved the comment about the fortunes you have made with your writings, I am so jealous. I will have to look for your novels.
Catarina Haynes

Camp David said...

Pete, an excellent choice of Pub down from the Courts of Justice WC2. Have spent many an hour chewing the fat with Shane and the boys, I hear Shane moved on recently. Fine ales at the Edgar Wallace and great banter with George, Mick, Charlie and Brenda. Banter – the lost art.