Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fulham in a European cup final - when they got to Wembley in 1975 I said to myself, 'anything is possible,' and it changed my approach to all things - but now...
I'm going - I have a ticket and will be travelling on the coach from Craven Cottage on Tuesday 11th May - I just wish my poor old dad was here - he would have said , as he always did when Fulham won (which wasn't very often for years), 'did you hear the score Pete? Fulham have goner mad.' - and he was right.

And talking of 'mad,' the election stuff is filling the tele screen - but what is this that has suddenly overshadowed it all? - politics - people really getting involved in politics - in Athens that is - real passion by people who are saying what we know, 'we are run by thieves' - and the tepid mid-manager Berkshire Hunts bleat, drone and bullshit thier way to a status that gives them massive perks, a lot of money and the chance to steal without having to go to court if caught in the act - mind, I will be voting, for what its worth - the first time for years - there's passion for you.

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